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Tallahassee Historical Society May 9 Business Meeting & Picnic

  • 9 May 2024
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • The Theater, Mission San Luis, 2100 West Tennessee Street


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Tallahassee Historical Society
      May 9 Business Meeting & Picnic

It may seem that the last year has dragged by terribly slowly. It may be that you have witnessed the antics of Your Fearless Leader (aka President) and promised never to make that mistake again, and re-elect him.

Well, here is your chance. Redeem your sins. Vote him out!

That’s right: May 9 is our Spring picnic and Business Meeting, the last meeting of the season. And yes, all of our officers are up for re-election. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The entire board is up next year. So this is your slate of candidates; try not to weep at the horror of it:

President: What’s-His-Name, Bob, er, Bob…. If you can’t think of the rest of it, you’re probably better off. Anyway, yeah, he’s up again. Cross yourself and say twelve Hail Marys.

Vice President/Treasurer: Will Gandy. Finally, someone to take over the babysitting chores of the President. The last person to serve as VP, Mrs. Fearless Leader, got tired of putting her hands over the mouth of Mr. Fearless Leader and has left it to someone else.

Secretary: Tom Eaton. Softspoken, quiet, extremely balanced and tolerant. How did we get this guy?

So here’s the deal. Dinner will be served at 5:30, with, we hope, the formal unveiling of the official Tallahassee Historical Society Beer, as created by our friends at Amicus Brewing. We will supply the barbecue. You all bring the sides, salads, etc. At 6 PM, Mr. Fearless Leader will say something undoubtedly embarrassing, and will turn the floor over to Mr. George Allen, who will conduct the election. We will then have a special presentation, of which no more will be said until the meeting. If we have time, we may get our treasurer and administrator to make a brief financial report. If not, not.

Finally, if they haven’t lost patience with us and stomped out, our featured speakers, Gloria Jefferson Anderson and Hunter Hill, will speak about Emancipation in Tallahassee, and how it was celebrated from 1865 until the present.

So yeah. Register. Bring food. Be there. This is your chance. It won’t come around for another year.

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