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Tallahassee Historical Society April 11 Meeting

  • 11 Apr 2024
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • The Theater, Mission San Luis, 2100 West Tennessee Street


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Tallahassee Historical Society
  April 11 Meeting

You know, Americans spend a lot of time complaining about their government—at all levels.  All you have to do to prove that is go to a Tallahassee city commission meeting and sit through the public comment period. Complaining is one of our freedoms.  I mean, we could be in Russia,..or China…or almost anyplace else for that matter, and look what complaining will get you there.  Governments are bulky things, full of administrators and bureaucrats (the “Deep State”) who often don’t seem to be listening to us.

But sometimes, particularly at the local level, governments do something that is so ineffably right that it slips beneath the radar, or at least slips beneath it more than it should.  Such is the Tallahassee-Leon County Geographic Information System, which can be found on your computer at tlcgis.org.  It’s not new; it’s been around since 1990 and was created to map property for the city, the county and the property appraiser’s office.  Want to find information about a piece of property you want to buy, or a school bus route, or who owns what?  This is the place to go.

But there is more.  If you go to the home page, you will see a tab marked “Explore Historical Tallahassee.”  Enter the tab and you will subcategories marked “People”, “Buildings”, “Railroads” “Maroon Communities” and many more, but particularly maps, historical maps overlaying contemporary maps, maps of cemeteries, and neighborhoods, like this one, showing the Lake Jackson mound complex:

This is an extraordinary achievement, and on April 11, Marcus Curtis with tlcgis is going to take us of the website, and tell us how all of this came about.  Marcus first presented this as part of the county’s Bicentennial steering committee last year and as part of the Visit Tallahassee History Task force, and when he showed us what tlcgis has been able to do, mouths dropped open.  If you are a historical researcher, this is an astonishing resource, that everyone should see and access.

April 11, Mission San Luis.  Reception at 5:30pm; program at 6pm.  What a spring we are having.

A very special thank you to Sandi Brooks, longtime THS member, who has graciously offered to be our food sponsor this month!

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